Bump Test Machine
Bump Test Machine

Bump Test Machine

The Bump Test Machine is used to test the integrity & rigidity of object under the simulation of Road/field Transport conditions.

The Bump Test Machine is having a rigid steel structure to sustain the force of loaded Platform up to 1000 Kg object for desirable half Sine shape ,after striking freely on rubber pad mounted on top surface of machine structure.

The mounting platform lifts vertically up to the desired impact acceleration through a Cam arrangement and drops freely on the rubber pads gives the desired acceleration level of half Sine Pulse shape on the top surface of the platform where object is mounting.

The desired Bump acceleration depends on the free fall height of platform to rubber pad which is factory set. The duration of half Sine pulse shape depends on the hardness & thickness of rubber pads. The fixed rubber pads will be used for generating the half Sine pulse shapes of desired ;g; and duration(in ms).

The moving platform is having a grid of 100 mm x 100 mm threaded M10/M12 holes to mount the object on the top surface of platform under test. The moving platform lifts freely to vertically through cam arrangements with the help of 4 nos. linear bearings & centric rod which is connected to cam arrangement guided by a set of four deep groove single bolt bearing to avoid any thirst of the vertical rod.

A suitable AC Motor along with speed reducer gearbox is used to achieve the desired bump rate 1 to 3bumps/sec. The motor is run through 3-phase AC drive also having the safety protections of Over Load, Under Voltage & Over Current for the safe operation of the machine.
The Machine is to be be installed on a floor. Grouting (foundation) is recommended to overcome the movement. Controls should be easily accessible and visible for the operator and still allow adequate working room to perform fixturing and testing.


1. Table Size : up to 1.5Mtr X 1.5Mtr
2. Load Capacity : up to 2000 Kg.
3. Bump Rate : Adjustable 1 to 3 bumps / sec.
4. Bump Rate Counter : Digital
5. Acceleration : Up to 100 'g' (±10% )
6. Pulse Shape : Half - Sine
7. Pulse Duration : Adjustable 2 to 18 milliseconds (± 10%)
8. Control Panel : Preset mechanism with on off switch
9. Calibration : Traceable calibration certificate will be provided
10. Mains Supply : 415V±10% AC, 50 Hz, Three phase

Bump Test Machine

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