Vibration Test System

DEV 500 [8500 To 10,000 kgf]

System Description

Electro-dynamic Shakers simulate real-world environments to investigate dynamic endurance and ascertain reliability in select fields of vibration testing.

This low sturdy force rating are specially designed for testing of wide range of products, be it electronics, automotive and defence applications. This series shaker generates high velocity which is required for shock applications.

As a standard configuration, the shaker is supported on a frame with a trunnion assembly for 90 degree tilt. Shaker itself has pneumatic body isolation and is cooled by a water cooled system and is interlocked with the amplifier console for operational safety.

The shaker's electromagnet and moving element are energized by the direct current and alternating current supplies respectively generated and are electronically interlocked to the power amplifier drive console.

The solid-state Power Amplifier is an intelligent microcontroller based console in a movable rack version. It has a feather-touch user-friendly interface at the front panel to drive the respective Electro-dynamic Shaker.

The PC based Remote Link Module can be optionally used to remotely operate the complete vibration system. It is based on a chip-board microcontroller and is driven by software commands to communicate identical functions of the amplifier's control panel e.g. Gain, FPS, Cooling, Start-up and Shutdown. All the critical parameters like output voltage, current, temp., and all system interlocks are displayed simultaneously.

Salient Features

  • Trunnion mounted shaker
  • Compatible with any Digital Vibration Controller
  • Low weight and robust Armature
  • Silent Water Cooling system
  • Optical Auto centering
  • Microcontroller based fault diagnosis

System Description

Technical Specifications

DEV 500-DPA 130K

DEV 500-DPA 140K

System Performance

Armature diameter 500 mm 500 mm
Sine force (peak) 8500 Kgf (18700 lbf) 10000 Kgf (22000 lbf)
Random force (rms) 8500 Kgf (18700 lbf) 10000 Kgf (22000 lbf)
Shock force 18000 Kgf (39600 Ibf) 22000 Kgf (48400 Ibf)
Acceleration (Sine) 100 'g' 100 'g'
Velocity (sine peak) 2.0 m/sec 2.0 m/sec
Displacement (Pk-pk) 51mm(2 Inch) 51mm(2 Inch)
Axial Resonance (±5%) 2000Hz 2000Hz
Useful Frequency range 5 to 2100Hz 5 to 2100 Hz
Protection Interlocks Mains input Over & Under Voltage, Over Current, Loss of Input Phase, Over Temperature Amplifier &   Shaker, Cooling flow, Field fail, User safety interlock or if specifically required by customer.

Shaker Characteristics

Moving element mass 85kg 100kg
Internal load capability 1500 Kg 1500 Kg
Suspension axial stiffness 24Kg/mm 24Kg/mm
Suspension cross-axial stiffness 2100 Kg/mm 2200 Kg/mm
Stray magnetic field (150mm above table) 10 gauss 10 gauss
Cooling flow (Water Cooled) Close loop water cooled system
Compressed air (utility required at site) 6 Bar 6 Bar
Shaker body mass 8600 Kg 9000 Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1600 x 1000 x 1300 1600 x 1000 x 1300

Amplifier Characteristics

Power output 130 KVA 140 KVA
Total harmonic distortion (At resistive load) Typically 0.5% Typically 0.5%
Input impedance (Nominal) 10 k Ohm 10 k Ohm
Input sensitivity 4 V rms Compatible with all standard controllers
Signal-to-Noise ratio > 75 dB > 75 dB
Power efficiency > 90% > 90%

Safety Norms

Protection Integral protection to prevent the output devices working beyond their specification limits.
EMC EN50081-2 Emissions and EN50082-2 Immunity

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