Vibration Test System

Mechanical Shake Table


The Mechanical Shake Table is a low cost system to do vibration testing to test the integrity & rigidity of object under the simulation of external vibration condition.

The Mechanical Shake Table is having a rigid steel structure to sustain the force of loaded Platform up to 100 Kg object for 0.5'g' to 20'g' Sine shape of variable adjustable frequency from 1 to 60Hz.The mounting platform lifts vertically up to the desired impact acceleration through a Cam arrangement which gives the desired acceleration level of Sine wave on the top surface of the platform where object is mounted. The motor is driven by an AC drive which has in built protection and control.

The moving platform is having a grid of 100 mm x 100 mm threaded M-10 size SS Inserts to mount the object on the top surface of platform.

The moving platform lifts freely to vertically through cam arrangements with the help of 4 nos. linear bearings & centric rod/shaft which is connected to cam arrangement and is guided by a set of four deep groove single bolt bearing to avoid any thirst of the vertical rod.

The system is be installed on a floor. Controls are easily accessible and visible for the operator and allow adequate working room to perform fixturing and testing.

The Vibration meter is supplied along with shake table to measure the vibration parameters like Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement.

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