Vibration Test System

Centrifuge Acceleration Test Machine

Centrifuge Acceleration Test Machine is used to test the object for a defined Centrifugal force exerted on it when it is placed on a rotary platform at a certain radial distance.

Centrifuge Machine for Acceleration is used to analyze the mechanical behavior of parts and assemblies subjected to linear acceleration. It is used in the Avionics and military hardware testing, Satellite component testing, R&D laboratories and system qualification testing, product development, reliability, Stress screening etc as per relevant ISO, IEC, JSS 55555, MIL and other international Standards.

The centrifuge machine for acceleration has a robust structure that consists of an outer enclosure for safety point of view to withstand centrifugal force acting on the test object. It consists of a rotating platform which can accommodate a wide variety of payloads, in various sizes and load at a required radial distance from centre to achieve the desired acceleration. The machine is driven by AC/DC motor. The speed of motor is varied by the IGBT based PWM type AC/DC drive with instrumentation system having built-in digital closed loop control.

Electrical/ electronic, Data transfer, connections are available thru' various terminals for actual working conditions and test environment.

Centrifuge Acceleration Test Machine also called a linear acceleration test systems. The system consists in two parts one Mechanical body with motor arrangement coupled with rotating arm and second electronics control panel Speed control unit. A AC/DC Motor is used to rotate the platform mounted on the rotating shaft. Set of current rating slip rings are provided to feed the electrical signal to the specimen under dynamic test condition. System is safe from all protections like Over load, field fail, Door interlock etc.

The system should be installed on a floor. Machine should be positioned such that there is ample clearance for opening doors and for removal of panels and covers from all sides. Controls should be easily accessible and visible for the operator and still allow adequate working room to perform fixturing and testing.
The Machine structure is a heavy duty in construction & made of M.S. angles & sheets. Its lower hollow portion contains DC motor and a vertical rotating shaft is mounted. The upper half portion is in octagon shape where the rectangular platform is coupled at the top end of the vertical shaft.

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